Prairie City, IA
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Our Goal

We strive to produce sound, functional cattle that will succeed in the show ring, as well as in the pasture.

JS Simmentals is very thankful for the help and support we receive from all family and friends. We feel blessed to have made some great relationships that wil last a lifetime and look forward to forming new ones!


Gateway Follow Me F163
Sire:  C&C McKinley 3000 EXAR
Dam:  Dunk-W Maxine HR 505C (Gambles Hot Rod x EXAR Lutton)
Reg. 19334239 l PB Angus
Owners:  Minneart Show Cattle & JS Simmental
Breeder:  Gateway Genetics, NE
Semen:  $50/unit
Housed & Collected at Nichols Cryo-Genetics, Inc.  Maxwell, IA


News & Events...

Iowa Beef Expo - Iowa Simmental Association Mark of Genetic Excellence Sale

Monday 2/11/19 - 11:30 am
Iowa State Fairgrounds

Lot 12 - JS Revolver 2F

Reg. 3446573
Homo Pld Homo Blk - January PB Bull

Lot 13 - JS Conductor 3F

Reg. 3446574
Homo Pld Homo Blk - January PB Bull

Lot 104 - JS Gypsy Soul 58F

Reg. 3446618
Homo Pld - April PB Heifer


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